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Washburn Project Management Group, LLC provides project and portfolio governance, planning, management, execution advice, and training. WashburnPMG also provides technical support services to clients using FOSS and LAMP solutions for project and project portfolio management.

Five Project Management Pathologies

ProjectManagement.com February 25 2013

Pathology: The study and diagnosis of disease. From the Greek Pathos, "suffering" and -logia, "study of".

So we have the study of project management suffering…how many of us have a good working knowledge of suffering in our chosen field of work?

Since it’s the cold season, I wanted to share a list of maladies that will take your project down if you aren't paying attention or fail to keep your guard up. Each are preventable, and as the old saying goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Let's look at them briefly and see if there are any surprises….

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What Your Agile Friends Won't Tell You

ProjectSite.us September17, 2009

Theory attests Requirements Management (RM) methodologies significantly reduce cost and risk. However, contemporary interest in agile development is causing RM systems, methodology, and experience to wane. There is a place for agile techniques, but there is also great opportunity and return on your invested effort to deploy RM.

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Project, Portfolio, or Program Office, What's Your MO?

ChiefProjectOfficer.com October 31, 2007

Enterprises are adopting the PMO as a key enabler of organizational effectiveness. Several trends are converging to motivate companies to adopt centralized PMOs to help manage their strategic initiatives. The increasing pace and demand for innovation have driven the number and complexity of projects to soar, often with little addition of staff. The type of PMO you choose to implement dictates your chances of success.

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Requirements Practices Every Project Manager Must Know

Gantthead.com - Now ProjectManagement.com September 26, 2007

Requirements management is all about deciding precisely what to build, and how to build it. I see few shops and fewer PMs who have effectively embraced the discipline of requirements engineering and management. However, the requirements-aware PM can deliver high-impact results to a project’s triple constraints by applying just a handful of best practices.

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The Problem with Estimates

ProjectSite.us November 24, 2006

Estimates for Information Technology (IT) projects have caused far more problems than solutions in the 30 years I have been working in the technical arena. Have you ever been asked for an estimate shortly after delivery of a few flimsy paragraphs of imprecise marketing bombast? It is like walking into the gladiator's arena unarmed, and the deadly game is afoot, where the first to mention a number is a lost soul. I find it is not just me -- it is a problem that seems to defy solution for countless companies.

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Getting the Collaboration Environment Right

ProjectSite.us October 4, 2006

Project team leaders have an increasingly complex job helping their teams sustain high performance. Teams are scattered across time-zones, countries, and continents. They often rely on subject matter experts who themselves are spread across multiple projects and have primary jobs and responsibilities to manage. Getting your team to coalesce and perform is largely a function of how well you can foster collaboration.

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Consider piloting Project Management in a Box using FOSS and a spare server -- Offered here is everything you need to build a team collaboration server to employ:

-Content Management
-Document Mgt
-Time Tracking
-Project Planning
-Control & Monitoring
-Issue Tracking
-Demand Management
-Stakeholder Mgt