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Washburn Project Management Group, LLC provides project and portfolio governance, planning, management, execution advice, and training. WashburnPMG also provides technical support services to clients using FOSS and LAMP solutions for project and project portfolio management.

Contact Washburn Project Management Group, LLC

Please send all inquiries for more information about the Washburn Project Management Group, LLC to info at Washburn-PMG dot com

I am happy to correspond securely using Public Key (PK) encryption. My public key can be found on key servers, or you can download it by using the link in this sentence. I use Gnu Privacy Guard, GPG, an Open Source PK encryption system based on the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) system.

Consider piloting Project Management in a Box using FOSS and a spare server -- Offered here is everything you need to build a team collaboration server to employ:

-Content Management
-Document Mgt
-Time Tracking
-Project Planning
-Control & Monitoring
-Issue Tracking
-Demand Management
-Stakeholder Mgt