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Washburn Project Management Group, LLC provides project and portfolio governance, planning, management, execution advice, and training. WashburnPMG also provides technical support services to clients using FOSS and LAMP solutions for project and project portfolio management.

News About Washburn Project Management Group, LLC and ProjectSite

April 2012 ProjectSite, having served well as a demonstration and working model for collaborative project management supporting distributed teams for the past 6 years, has been removed and the bits recycled. It was a fun project, and an actively visited site all along the way.

November 2011 www.ProjectSite.us has been online and demonstrating various tools to support project management of distributed teams using FOSS technologies and not a lot of money. The site, available since 2006, has run its course and will effective immediately no longer accept registrations and offer demonstrations of the applications that it promotes, but will remain on-line for another 6 months.

We are grateful for the interest and participation of so many along the way. This was a gratifying project that met its objectives and provided lots of learning for Washburn PMG LLC - and, I hope, for the many visitors. Thank you!

October 10, 2011 Today the Washburn Project Management Group, LLC website was relaunched. Visually there is little to remark, but the site and several of the projects underway were successfully rehosted and internally restructured.

July 4, 2009 rth has an important upgrade posted on the demonstration site effective today. Version 1.7.2 cleans up a number of small but niggling bugs and typos, but also adds some nifty new functionality. The Requirements Traceability report which is a menu choice from the requirements page is important. There are a number of other items that I cite in the announcement story on ProjectSite.us

December 8, 2007 ProjectSite 2.0 is live today. This version represents a very complete and significant upgrade of the hardware, software, and infrastructure of the site. Read the details on ProjectSite, but the short of it is this: Each of the demonstration apps are at recent versions, and now take advantage of Apache 2, PHP 5, and MySQL 5. Additionally, http://www.ProjectSite.us (now decommissioned) debuts as an alias to the ProjectSite component of Washburn-PMG.com. Enjoy!

November 5, 2007 I have a replacement site in development that provides significant upgrade to nearly all the elements demonstrated in the current version. It is running Linux kernel, Apache 2.2.3, MySQL 5.0.26, and PHP 5.2.0. On that platform, Drupal 5.3, Eventum 2.0.1, dotProject 2.1.1, and rth 1.6.1 . Note that CivicSpace is eliminated, and that PHP5 and MySQL 5 have been incorporated. My hope and expectation is to have this package on-line for your review in December.

October 31, 2007 Check out the recently relaunched www.ChiefProjectOfficer.com site. This site focuses on the upper executive levels of PMO and PPM, business process, project/process strategy, aligning projects within the organization, and the like.

I have just been published there with an article entitled: Project, Portfolio or Program Management Office? What's your MO? This article explores the important differences in objectives, scope, and skillsets required for the enterprise to successfully employ each.

September 26, 2007 www.Gantthead.com has published another article: Requirements Practices Every Project Manager Must Know. Check it out. Then check out the rth Requirements Management and Test Management application showcased on the ProjectSite demonstration site. These are powerful tools for the enterprise that don't have an enterprise price-tag!

September 9, 2007 I have activated the demonstration version of rth Requirements Management. rth is a web-based tool designed to manage requirements, tests, test results, and defects throughout the application life cycle. The tool provides a structured approach to software testing and increases the visibility of the testing process by creating a common repository for all test assets including requirements, test cases, test plans, and test results.

I think rth is a powerful addition to the collaborative PM's toolbox, for many small and certainly all medium sized projects tend to generate a large number of requirements -- too many to effectively track and manage in one's head or on various legal pad sheets, white-boards, or even spreadsheets. rtm provides an effective solution! Check it out.

June 16, 2007 New version of the site goes live. I wanted a cleaner, more polished look and better css layout (look Ma! No tables! For layout, that is)

September 25, 2006 Check out the article on www.gantthead.com : Best Practices for Project Team Wikis authored by Walt Washburn PMP.

September 4, 2006 Washburn Project Management Group, LLC will be teaching Dimensions of Human Relations and Project Management courses on behalf of High-Tech Institute, Dallas TX during September and through the end of October. These courses support their Computer Networking and Security curriculum.

July 1, 2006 We have upgraded the Drupal / CivicSpace / CiviCRM components to resolve some important security vulnerabilities and to keep current with releases of those key components of ProjectSite.

April 3, 2006 Washburn Project Management Group, LLC and ProjectSite are just getting built and set up. The demonstration applications are installed, tested, and solid. This home site is just being built so please be patient as it changes and shifts and settles into a working site.

Your comments are always welcome via the webmaster link below, or via the Info addressee at Washburn Project Management Group, LLC.

Consider piloting Project Management in a Box using FOSS and a spare server -- Offered here is everything you need to build a team collaboration server to employ:

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-Time Tracking
-Project Planning
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